A Vision Board App for Life Coaches

By Joel T. Sanders • Last updated on September 22nd, 2018

The all-new Moon platform includes a built-in vision board app for life coaches and their clients. What makes The Moon’s vision board unique and different from other vision board apps is the built-in action list, tracking, and accountability from coaches and peers.

In other words, the Moon’s vision board app is more like an action board. That’s because it includes smart tech that gets clients taking action in the direction of their dreams. It also “calls them out” when they’re not taking action toward their declared vision.

The Moon Vision Board App at a Glance

Below are a few screenshots from Aaron’s online vision board. As you can see, the tool works like a vision board slider, where you can swipe from photo to photo. So it’s optimized for both mobile and desktop views.

The vision board begins on the member profile. Each member profile page includes an area for a brief bio, where clients can describe what’s important to them. Bios can include values, specific goals, and more.

To see the vision board, just click on the “my vision” button:

Vision Board App - Home

Example Vision Board Images

For each area of focus, clients just upload a photo, then write a brief description for context. Cute family members are a great place to start:

Vision Board App - Example Image

Every vision board app needs a specific slide for significant others!

Example Vision Board Photo - 3

And let’s not forget our awesome business partners…

Example Vision Board Image & Caption


A Vision Board App That’s Congruent with Actions

More than a decade ago, two of my family members excitedly created vision boards after watching the movie The Secret. Ten years on, it saddens me to see these vision boards still on the walls in their homes. The wealth, health, and love they imagined is still visibly missing in their lives.

Obviously, a vision board without congruent actions is self-delusion. That’s why the Moon has built-in reporting and accountability. And since the Moon is an online membership site platform, it’s not just life coaches but the community itself that creates that accountability.

Action Board Example

The Moon vision board app goes deep into action and accountability. The below image shows the list of Aaron’s actions that align with his vision board. The number in the circle shows me how many total completions he has for that action.

The series of colored dots shows how Aaron’s done over the previous 14 days at a single glance. Green indicates the action was completed, orange shows a scheduled action that was missed, and gray means that action wasn’t scheduled for that particular day:

vision board action board

This built-in accountability is important. Research suggests that without conscious action, vision boards may in fact be counterproductive for achievement. In one study, dreaming, wishing, and fantasizing led to worse results than imagined negative outcomes.

The reason seems to be related to the way our brains are wired. When we imagine a positive outcome, our brains can mistakenly “check it off the list” for the day, even when we haven’t taken any physical action. The temporary feeling of achievement feels good in the moment, but is really a curse.

The bottom line: vision without action is worse than no vision at all, or even actively imagining negative outcomes.

When it comes to taking focused action, the Moon delivers in spades.

How Does This Vision Board App Help Life Coaches?

The Moon’s vision board app brings clear visibility on all client goals. Even better, clients also have clear visibility on each others’ goals, bringing deeper caring and connection within the community.

There’s power in sharing a vision, especially when others are watching for congruent action. Consistent action inevitably leads to results. When you master getting results for your clients, you don’t have to be a master marketer. Read more about our philosophy of online learning.

For one-on-one clients, taking 30 seconds prior to a call to review a client’s vision board and recent action list is powerful. At a glance, it becomes obvious whether or not your clients are taking action towards their dreams.

For group coaching environments, encourage your community’s members to get to know one another’s vision boards. When community members begin caring for one another, magic happens.

Then again, it’s not really magic, is it? It’s a vision, congruent action, and accountability. That’s this vision board app in a nutshell.

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