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Why Habits Are Good for Business

By Joel T. Sanders • July 18, 2017

How The Moon uses the same science of habit psychology that Facebook, Twitter, and Spotify use to “hook” your clients into coming back to you over and over again By some estimates, ingrained habits guide nearly half of our daily actions. That means that for a significant chunk of our lives, our brains aren’t making decisions; they’re on […]

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Coach-Client Success: It’s All About Momentum

By Joel T. Sanders • June 1, 2017

You know this from your experience with your own clients, as well as from your own life. You almost certainly have success habits or ways of engaging the world that started as small, consistent, daily actions. For me, I’ve always excelled at my physical fitness. Since the age of about 13, I’ve consistently exercised by going […]

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Replace Success With Play

By Joel T. Sanders • May 17, 2017

“Let’s go! Life’s too short to miss out on days like this.” It was an unusually warm and sunny 70-degree day in February in Boulder, Colorado. I was in college, and my friend Jim–clad in shorts and a T-shirt—was urging me to set my studies aside to join him on a hike in the mountains. […]

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Why Facebook is the Enemy

By Joel T. Sanders • April 12, 2017

Despite the title of this post, I love Facebook. It’s where I connect with friends, share photos with family, and get to be playful by sharing the comic irony of my life. So why do I call Facebook “the enemy”? Facebook’s Business Model is DISTRACTION I call Facebook “the enemy” because its entire business model is […]

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