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A New User Experience for Even Better Results

By Joel T. Sanders • June 12, 2018

Thanks for following along with me as we create the Moon Coaching Platform. Here’s the latest. – Joel A brand-new version of The Moon coaching platform is under development, and we’ll be releasing it later this summer. Another rewrite? Yep! The current version is still perfectly functional. In our humble opinion, it does a better job […]

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Everything is Conspiring For Your Benefit

By Joel T. Sanders • May 8, 2018

Update: 5/8/2018 4:30 PM – We just published fixes that address most of the issues outlined in this article. We’ll keep you posted on further progress. Thanks to all of our beta users offering feedback and assistance! – Joel One of the foundational beliefs we hold at Moon.Team is: “Everything is conspiring for your benefit.” The […]

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The Moon App: Trophies!

By Joel T. Sanders • March 28, 2018

Introducing trophies: The Moon app’s latest scheme to keep you and your clients working towards goals and personal growth. Trophies are coming in the next release of the Moon app within the next week. But be warned: earning trophies by working on your most-important stuff might get addictive. And that’s by design. After all, we learned […]

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Hi. How Can We Help?

By Joel T. Sanders • March 21, 2018

We humans are brilliantly creative at avoiding change. Our brains have an unlimited supply of reasons not to exercise and why we should have that tough conversation tomorrow. When we’re up against ourselves by ourselves, we’re stuck. But four words can change everything: “How can I help?” The right person asking, “How can I help?” at […]

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The Moon App: It’s About Engagement, Not Reputation

By Joel T. Sanders • March 14, 2018

 Sometimes, a single word can make all the difference. That’s why The Moon app has a “Reputation” score. What exactly is the engagement score? When people use the app–when they complete their daily actions, report in to their small groups, and comment on or like others’ posts–their engagement score goes up. This gives coaches and their […]

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The Moon App: progress update 2/28/18

By Joel T. Sanders • February 28, 2018

 Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve begun the process of onboarding more coaches, which is helping us understand the Moon app’s ease of use. Those who train others for a living understand our challenge: what’s obvious to the creator of a system is rarely obvious to users, at least in the beginning. That’s where user feedback […]

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How The Moon App Made My Excuse Absurd

By Joel T. Sanders • February 21, 2018

I’ve had a daily “writing” task on my moon action list for a couple of weeks now, and I almost never get to it. Although I journal every day multiple times per day, I’ve been wanting to write more for blog posts or–perhaps someday–a book. Writing is like fitness: you have to do it consistently to […]

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The Moon App: progress update 2/14/18

By Joel T. Sanders • February 14, 2018

Just a quick note on how things are progressing. Here’s what we’ve added since my last update: 1. We now have a “reputation score” for each user, which is a measure of how active each member is in your organization. This gives you a base measure so that you can customize how you correspond with each […]

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The Moon for One-on-One Coaching…and Giving Back

By Joel T. Sanders • January 19, 2018

You can’t plan for grace, but when it shows up, it always shows up in beautiful and unexpected ways. My wife and I don’t have kids (we tried for years), so mentoring kids or young people has been something I’ve been thinking about doing for a long time. This past December at a Tony Robbins conference, I decided […]

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The Moon App is in (early) Beta

By Joel T. Sanders • September 27, 2017

(view of my action list in the latest version of The Moon app) You know something is a big mission in life when things get difficult and you keep pushing, anyway. It became clear to Aaron and me over the summer that we were on the wrong track with the buildout of our technology, so we […]

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