How The Moon Works: Online Courses & Programs Overview

By Aaron Kennard • Posted on October 25th, 2018

In this 3-minute video, learn how clients join a coach’s online courses and programs, how programs can assign actions to client action lists, and how to navigate and complete programs.

How the Moon’s Online Courses Get Clients Taking Action

Hey it’s Aaron from Moon.Team, and I’m going to share with you how to use programs to get more out of your online coaching.

Programs are one of the most essential aspects of the Moon app. A program is where your coach can teach you, motivate you, and inspire you through the app on a daily or a weekly basis.

In order to start a new program, you just click on the menu up here in the left and go to programs. You’ll see what programs are available to you from your coach right here. You can click to join one.

I’m already in this one so you don’t see the join button. But if I clicked on one, I can see the description of the program here.

And when I click join, it starts me in that online course. I click continue right here, and it takes me to the first module of the program. All I do is I click continue to watch the video.

Next, the coach is asking me to add some actions. So I will add a quick action and and then I’ll click continue. And when I’m done I just click done.

Now if I go back to my action list, you can see that I started this new program. I can always get back to it right from my action list.

It’s going to stay on my action list until I complete the program.

So once I get to the very end and I’ve completed all of the modules, that’s when the program goes off of my list.

So here you see that I’m going to do a program called, “Love Unconditionally” with the Truly Amazing Life Family.

Here you can see that I’m on day 19. You can click the menu in the upper right and see the previous days of the program.

You can also leave the program at any time. If you want to stop a program before it’s finished, you can click leave. But just be aware that it’s going to clear your progress here. That means that you’re not going to see the things you’ve checked off anymore.

But it’s also going to give you the option to remove the actions associated with that program, or keep the actions.

In this example, I added this action for journaling in the “Create Your Life” program. If I leave that program, I can remove or keep those actions.

In this example. I’m using “Think Love Afternoon.” This is one of the actions for the program, “Love Unconditionally.” I’m not really going to leave, because I don’t want to leave so I don’t want to lose all of my data.

Here you see one of the actions that I’ve added. If I leave this program and I click “remove,” it’s going to remove that action from my list.

If instead when I leave I click keep my actions, it wouldn’t remove anything.

If you intend to finish a program, you don’t really need to leave the program at all. You generally want to finish a program that you’ve started. Then once you’re done, the program will go away from your list here, but you’ll still be able to see your progress later.

For example, when I click on my programs, I can see the previous programs that I’ve completed. If I would have left that program, it would clear that off right there.

So you don’t really need to leave programs unless you absolutely want to clear actions from your list. So just be careful when you leave that you don’t accidentally remove all of your actions.

That’s all I’ve got for you on programs and online courses right now…I hope you have a great day!

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