Make Your Membership Site Promise Believable

By Joel T. Sanders • Posted on December 7th, 2018

Your membership site needs two things: 1) A big promise and 2) believability. That’s why your site must continue to sell after people login. Here’s how:

Make Your Membership Site Promise Believable
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Video Transcription

Well, hey, there Moon.Team fans, Joel Sanders here with another whiteboard session.

Today’s topic is on making your membership site promise BELIEVABLE. First of all, what is a membership site promise?

Well, this is whatever your big promise is for getting people to sign up for your community in the first place.

So it could be “Six Months to Six Figures,” or it could be “Six Months to a Great Figure.” Something that is that overriding reason why people are going to come and join you. And it has to be a believable message so that they are willing to give you a shot in the first place.

Now, hopefully you’ve already got in place a free Facebook Group, or email list, or you speak on podcasts or have live events and those sorts of things to make you as a person more believable in the first place.

But once you make that promise, and you have your membership site ready, people are going to log in and they’re going to say, “Okay… Do I believe you that what you’re promising me is actually going to happen because of this community?”

Courses, Community, and Actions

And we’ve learned several things: Courses, messages and this whole action idea are all three necessary for people to actually believe you. The mistake that we made is on focusing too much on this actions part, at least in the beginning.

Now, in reality, the whole action list–the fact that we actually have one–that you can see the actions that your clients are doing and they can check them off and you can see whether they’re actually progressing towards the things that you’re instructing them to do to make that promise a reality…that makes us different from everybody else.

There’s no other membership site platform that we’re aware of that has this action list. The problem is we were landing people here in the very beginning. And the reason that was an issue was because it’s blank!

So literally their first impression when they log in to your your membership site as the moon has existed up until this point is they land on this blank actions list. And so that first impression is not a good thing.

Alright we’re learning, and we’re modifying things so that we can improve in the future.

How Important are Online Courses?

But here’s something else. We weren’t quite certain how courses were going to impact the activity in the community. We knew that if you had courses, it was going to be a plus.

But I don’t think we realized how important having courses in your community actually is. And the reason is, we noticed people logging into our Truly Amazing Life community and actually going into the course listing and going through the titles and seeing what was there.

What we need to do to make it even better is allow more descriptive text here and make it really obvious that they can click and see a little bit more about what that course is about, so they can get a little bit of a preview.

This information makes that promise more believable, because you’re showing them an actual path to success. And so it’s almost like a sales letter right?

So what you are building here is you know, a sales letter that has benefit statements and testimonials and things actually kind of built in to the whole course listing but the other part of your “sales letter” is this this messaging area right?

Because your customers are talking about pain, points and things that they’re struggling with and other members in your community, or you, or including you are answering those pain points. And so when people log in and they see an active, lively community where people are asking and answering questions, boom! You have the sorts of things that people are looking for.

So again, it’s like the sales lead letter concept with a kind of reading through the listing of courses you have the type of people that are in your community, the types of questions that they’re asking and answering each other.

You might even get a few testimonials in here. We’ve gotten a number of people who you know, unsolicited will just tell us how awesome the Truly Amazing Life, content is…the different courses that Aaron’s created.

So all these testimonials then we can turn around and use in our advertising outside of this community to get more people to sign up. So this is why, having both these courses and these messages are really vital to having your to making your membership site believable.

This is the social proof. You want recent activity.

Focus Community Conversation in One Area to Start

Another big big lesson we got is five percent of the people will be creating ninety five percent of the noise.

Now we should have known this going in. There’s always a few people who are really active. They’re more extroverted. But there’s also a big portion of your community that’s just kind of lurking around and watching.

And what we did unfortunately, was we had a lot of these small groups. So the Moon lets you split people up into these small accountability groups which is a great concept, eventually, but in the beginning, it’s not a great concept because you’re just diluting that noise.

You’re diluting the actual conversation. The extroverts don’t have the opportunity to impact the entire community. Because they were siloed away in their own little group. And so we were finding was in these groups of 10 people you have one or two people talking and nobody else doing anything.

And so our new members were logging in, seeing an empty actions area, not much going on in the community message area because all of the activity was happening between one and two people across 4 or 5 different small groups.

You get where I’m going with this? So when you start a membership site community you really want to have one main messages area.

This is our theory. It might not be true, but this is the thing that we really are starting to see from the evidence we’re getting in the Truly Amazing Life community and the five other organizations we’ve been working with. And you don’t want to dilute your activity.

You, want to concentrate your activity initially in one main channel. So that way the lurkers, the people that are kind of on the edge, that wouldn’t initiate conversation–they’ll see you’re more active, extroverts starting those conversations and then be able to get more involved with them as they go.

And then they kind of learn the types of things that can be shared and you start to get this kind of upper–upper–upward spiral of activity which is what you want.

It’s going to be a great problem when you realize there’s too much noise in your main community feed. And you say oh, we need to actually try to split this up into different conversation threads or different small accountability groups or other types of things.

But again, in the beginning, you really want to focus your activity, not dilute your activity inside of your messaging area.

Once Clients Believe You, They’ll Take Action

So that’s it for today. How you make your membership site promise believable is you have a course listing where you have specific benefits and things that people can get from that.

We will be improving this in in the coming weeks, so right now it’s just a regular listing. But if you haven’t yet thought about a course that you want to have or a couple of courses, let us know.

Aaron and I are really starting to get a lot of that um knowledge on how this actually works. And so if you need ideas on helping to create your initial courses, please reach out to us.

Concentrate the messages in the main community area. We have a brand new conversation thread that’s that’s coming out. That will allow people to create posts and comments and reply on those posts and have likes and all that sort of thing. So that will create all of that messaging area conversation that you want.

So that when your new members come in and see the courses they see the activity going on and they say, “Yes! I think I can actually do this. I’m seeing a lot of proof that what this organization owner is promising–what you are promising–is actually believable.”

And that will drive them to take these actions. Remember our courses allow you to specifically assign actions onto their action list as well, so that’s another reason to have courses because you can actually tell them the types of actions they need to take, because they’re not always aware of exactly what they need to do to get to whatever it is that you’re promising.

That’s it for now. Joel Sanders here for Aaron Kennard and all of us at the uh app Thanks for watching and uh have a great rest of your day.

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