How The Moon Works: Vision Board

By Aaron Kennard • Posted on November 9th, 2018

The Moon’s Vision Board lets you declare your vision to yourself, your coach, and your community…and holds you accountable to taking action on it.

Create a Vision Board with The Moon App

Aaron here from Moon.Team. I just wanted to share with you how to use the Moon’s vision board feature.

To set up your vision board, go to the main menu and scroll down to where it says, “edit bio.”

This is where you can write your goals. You can write as much or as little as you want, so that when people view your profile, they can see what your goals are.

Next, we have this vision board gallery. You can see that I’ve uploaded a bunch of photos in my example. Again, upload as many or as few photos as you want.

After you upload a photo, you can choose the focus point. For example, a landscape view photo will be shown in portrait view in the app. You can tap to choose which portion you want to show.

You can also describe what the photo means to you for your vision. In my example, I show a photo of my son. My vision is that I love my son, that I”m there for him and spend time with him in ways that are meaningful to him and to me.

Then, every time I see this, I remind myself of that vision I have in my relationship with my son.

You can add descriptions like this to all of your images.

Also note that you can make your profile public to everyone in the community, or you can keep it private to only you, your coach, and your teammates.

So if you’re more of a private person, you can control who has access to your profile.

When someone clicks on your profile, when they click on the My Vision button, they’ll be able to see all of the photos in my vision board gallery right there.

My vision on this photo indicates that I feel happy…that life is truly amazing. I can swipe through to the next photo, or use the navigation buttons to see the picture of my son. The next one is of my daughter. Then I have a photo about being a loving, present, fun father and husband.

I also have this image of my riding a dirt bike, because adventure is important to me.

I have a picture of my amazing wife racing. And what I want is to be sure that I treat her like a queen.

Then there’s this photo of my awesome partner Joel, and how we’re making a huge impact on the world.

So that’s my vision board. You can just swipe through it. And we encourage everybody to create a vision board, so that their team sees what they are up to, what they are all about.

To see a person’s bio and goals, you can tap on the profile picture.

That’s it for today. I hope you really enjoy the vision board section of the app, sharing it with your team and reminding yourself what is truly most important to you in your life.

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