How The Moon Works: Online Course Setup

By Aaron Kennard • Posted on November 13th, 2018

How to set up online courses and programs using The Moon app: adding content, assigning actions to clients, dripping content, and more.

Setting up Programs and Online Courses

Hey it’s Aaron from Moon.Team, with a quick update for coaches on how the Moon’s online course setup works. We call online courses “programs.”

In the video, you’ll see what my programs look like in the Truly Amazing Life app. What I do is teach people how to live a truly amazing life. These programs give them a 5-minute daily message.

So here are the updates.

First, we’ve fixed the ability to add content to an action. When you go into a module and you’re setting up actions, you can add files right here. You can attach a video, or a PDF, or whatever kind of file you like. You can add multiple files all at once.

Here’s an example. When I’m on my action list, you can see that I’ve added this action called, “Think Love Afternoon.” When my users get that, they see this PDF that I added. It’s a poster that I want them to print and have on their wall. That way, every single day they are reminded of these affirmations.

I included that poster in each of these actions in case they ever need it for reference. So you can do the same kind of thing.

The other thing to notice is that there are now icons here. So at a glance, this shows me how many modules I have set up in a program, and what sections I have, and the kind of media that’s included.

As you can see, I have an audio section first. Then I have a video. Next, I have an action section, and if you click into there you can see the actions in the order I want them in. I can drag these into any order I want right here, and that will determine how they show up for my client when they go through the program.

One other thing on sorting: clients can resort their action list in any order they choose.

To Drip or Not To Drip Content

Next, I wanted to point out this feature to “allow work ahead” or not.  The default setting allows clients to work ahead. So they could complete all of the modules in one sitting if they wanted to.

For example, in my Love Unconditionally program I can continue to skip ahead and go on to any day in the program that I want. It’s not restricting me from seeing future content.

If you don’t want to allow people to work ahead, you can uncheck that box. It will lock the future days so that your clients will only get one module per day, if that’s the period. If your content becomes available weekly or monthly, you can select these options here.

So this lets you know that it’ll only release a new module every day or every week once they finish the previous module.

Normally, we recommend leaving it on allow work ahead, unless you have a very specific use case where you don’t want them to do more than one module per day.

Action Sections Versus Assigning Actions

Here’s one confusing area of the setup process that you need to be aware of, and it’s something we need to make easier in the UI.

The individual actions you want to assign to people in the program go in this section over here. An action section means that you set up a section of the module where you assign actions. So there are actions, and there are action sections, and they are not the same thing: actions show up on a client’s list, the action section is a part of the program.

If you have questions on this, please let us know, and we’ll clarify. Once you figure it out, it’s straight forward…and it’s something we definitely need to fix so that it’s more intuitive for everyone.

Adding Users to Your Online Courses

When you’re looking at a program, you can go to this users tab and you can add a user. So anybody who has a subscription that gives them access to that program, you can start the program for them right there.

When you add a program for a user, the next time they login, they’ll see it on their list.

Just remember, to be able to add a user to a program, they need to first be at a subscription level that gives them access to it.

Likewise, if I want to remove a user from a program, I can do that as well. Now, when you remove users from a program, I can choose to have them keep all of the program’s actions, or remove them.

Users have this same feature when they decide to stop a program: they can choose to keep or remove that program’s actions from their list.

So there you have it: a bunch of new updates in the Moon’s online courses and programs. Everything is working better, and we’re of course interested in hearing any feedback you have for us.

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