Everything is Conspiring For Your Benefit

By Joel T. Sanders • Last updated on August 26th, 2018

Update: 5/8/2018 4:30 PM – We just published fixes that address most of the issues outlined in this article. We’ll keep you posted on further progress. Thanks to all of our beta users offering feedback and assistance! – Joel

One of the foundational beliefs we hold at Moon.Team is:

“Everything is conspiring for your benefit.”

The challenge is in keeping with that attitude when things get hard. But it’s worth it. Believing that everything is conspiring for your benefit doesn’t abdicate responsibility of dealing with the challenge. It’s a reminder to stay resourceful and open to the lessons and direction challenges bring.

Last Friday, May 4th, we pushed new code live that created quite a few issues for users.

Unfortunately, we were not able to roll back to our previous version of the app, so we’re pushing forward with fixes to our live version.

These are the bugs we’re aware of and continuing to work on:

  • Presently actions cannot be unchecked
  • Actions don’t always display properly what has been completed or not completed
  • Share my results modal doesn’t work immediately on mobile (temporary workaround: just keep tapping it, or tap and hold…eventually he modal displays)
  • The end-of-day action count in the initial “share my results” modal is incorrect, but does display properly in the final report in the feed
  • The number next to the actions icon in the menu is not displaying the correct count of unchecked actions
  • Things are getting stuck “saving” (if you click away from a stuck modal, it should still save)

Refreshing the page that you’re having trouble with can also fix the immediate issue.

Our team is working to get things back to normal. I’ll continue to keep you in the loop. ☽

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