New Feature: Membership Site Email Notifications

By Joel T. Sanders • Posted on October 10th, 2018

To get users in the habit of visiting your membership site every day, the moon now sends them a daily email summary of community activity.

Here’s an example from the Truly Amazing Life community:

As a first release, the current design is just a plain-jane email. But the magic is in the details:

  • The message comes from the name of the community
  • The subject line reminds the reader that other members messaged them
  • The reader is reminded to check in and post a progress update
  • The message includes the number of actions completed today, and how many remain
  • It also shows how many times teammates posted progress updates, and
  • Responses to my own progress updates.

The single call to action is a link to sign back in and begin taking action again.

Users can opt to receive a daily email, a weekly email, or no emails. The default for new signups is set to daily, but organization owners can change those defaults, and individuals always have control over their own preferences.

Meet People Where They Already Are

Achieving high levels of user engagement in a brand-new membership site is a must if you’re ever going to get over the hump and have a vibrant, active community. In a previous post, we called this “manufacturing critical mass.”

Your goal should be to make visiting and taking action in your community a daily habit for your members. One way to do that is to meet people where they already are. Nearly everybody checks their email several times per day.

We’ll be announcing great features in the coming weeks…stay tuned!

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