How The Moon Works: Tracking Client Progress

By Aaron Kennard • Posted on October 19th, 2018

In this quick 1-minute video, I show you how the Moon’s automatic progress posts work, how you can update actions from previous days, how to view comments from teammates, and more.

Tracking Client Progress Overview

Hey it’s Aaron from Moon.Team. I just wanted to share with you a quick update on how the progress page works.

From the main actions page, if you click your own picture, that will take you right to this progress tab on your profile.

As you can see it automatically reports in every day on your progress. For example, how you’re doing on your actions: in this case, I completed eight out of ten.

If you click or tap on one of those days, it will show you the actions you completed and which ones you missed.

And the cool new update is you can actually just check those actions off right here. So if you realize that you did everything yesterday, no problem. Just check it off right there.

Or, if you had a question, you can actually tap right into the action right there to see the action details.

Notice that you also have a calendar, and you can actually check off the actions right there as well.

To help you navigate the site, you can use this new little back arrow. Or you can just swipe those tabs closed.

In the case of the back arrow, it’ll take you back one level each time.

Another interesting thing on this progress page is how comments collapsed. When you see these three little dots, that’ll tell you that there’s more to read in the post. Just tap anywhere and it will expand out the message.

To see the comments, just tap the comments bubble.

That’s it for now…hope you enjoy the new update!

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