How The Moon Works: Client Actions Overview

By Aaron Kennard • Posted on October 23rd, 2018

In this quick 2-minute video, I show you how to use the Moon’s client actions list. You can track run streaks, earn stars, and stay accountable to implementing more of what you’re learning from your coach.

Get Clients Taking More Action After Coaching Calls and Online Courses

Hey it’s Aaron from Moon.Team. We’ve got another update for you on The Moon app.

As you can see, the main page is the actions page. Here you can create your own actions by clicking this plus. So you can think of any action you’d like to do, whether it’s daily or weekly or just one-time.

In my example, I have a bunch of recurring actions. These are the daily habits I’m working on.

You may notice we have this cool new update. I’ve got a little star next to “Think Love and Gratitude in the morning. That’s something I want to do every morning but what exactly does that little star mean?

If you tap on the action, you’ll be able to see that the star means that I’ve done that five days in a row.

If you scroll down in the main actions area, you can see my current run streak is five days. My best ever run streak is twelve. And I’ve done this action forty eight times total.

So it shows how I’m doing on that action over time. You’ll see if I uncheck it, that star goes away. When I checked it off today, I got that little star. It just helps me know that I’ve done it five days in a row.

When I get to fifteen days, another star will appear. And after thirty days, another color star.

So you have some motivation to come and collect these stars. And your team will see those as well, because when you click on them, they can see your profile. And they’ll see that little star.

And if they tap on it, they’ll be able to see how you’re doing on that particular action.

Another update is this little paperclip icon. That just tells me that there’s an attachment inside this action.

If you click that, you can see that there’s an attachment here. I’ve included this poster so that I have it as a reference whenever I go to do that action. I can download it, print it, or just view it in the browser.

In any case, you can add whatever attachments you want to remind you of the details for any action.

To add an attachment, click the edit button. You can upload whatever attachments you want to any of your actions.

For example, I have a PDF of my daily affirmations. I can upload it right in that action. Then it’s always accessible for me to read from wherever I am.

The other cool thing here is this red dot. Some of you may not know what these red dots are. It just means that I didn’t do this action yesterday, or that I didn’t do it the last time I was supposed to do it.

Once you check the action off, the red dot will go away. It’s just a reminder to me that I didn’t do this the last time I was supposed to do it.

So what if I really did it but forgot to check it off? Easy enough, I can click into that action and check it off.

If I want to back out of the action, you can see that little red dot is gone.

So those are just a few things you can do to use the actions page to your benefit, and see how other people are doing on their actions.

Enjoy the update, and have a great day!

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