Accountability Group Psychology

By Joel T. Sanders May 9, 2019

When is everyone in an accountability group a rockstar in every area of life? At the first few meetings. But then they become human.

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Stuck on The Moon

By Joel T. Sanders March 7, 2019

Aaron and I have been wandering in the metaphorical desert with The Moon app. In December, we stopped all new development to observe how people were interacting with the tool and incorporating it into their daily routines. In addition to our existing beta users—who have been through several iterations—we invited new coaches and end users […]

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Why Habits Are Good for Business

By Joel T. Sanders July 18, 2017

How The Moon uses the same science of habit psychology that Facebook, Twitter, and Spotify use to “hook” your clients into coming back to you over and over again By some estimates, ingrained habits guide nearly half of our daily actions. That means that for a significant chunk of our lives, our brains aren’t making decisions; they’re on […]

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Replace Success With Play

By Joel T. Sanders May 17, 2017

“Let’s go! Life’s too short to miss out on days like this.” It was an unusually warm and sunny 70-degree day in February in Boulder, Colorado. I was in college, and my friend Jim–clad in shorts and a T-shirt—was urging me to set my studies aside to join him on a hike in the mountains. […]

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