Make Your Membership Site Promise Believable

By Joel T. Sanders December 7, 2018

Your membership site needs two things: 1) A big promise and 2) believability. That’s why your site must continue to sell after people login. Here’s how:

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New Feature: Membership Site Email Notifications

By Joel T. Sanders October 10, 2018

To get users in the habit of visiting your membership site every day, the moon now sends them a daily email summary of community activity.

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Manufacturing “Critical Mass” for Your Membership Site

By Joel T. Sanders October 4, 2018

A number of community owners are now onboarding their first users to The Moon membership site platform. In the process, we’re learning what works, and what doesn’t.

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Why Your Membership Site Will Take More Effort Than You’re Imagining

By Joel T. Sanders August 24, 2018

If you’re planning to build a membership site, here’s a reality check: it’s going to take far more work and effort—and probably more money—than you’re imagining right now.

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