A Vision Board App for Life Coaches

By Joel T. Sanders August 30, 2018

The all-new Moon platform includes a built-in vision board app for life coaches and their clients. What makes The Moon’s vision board unique and different from other vision board apps is the built-in action list, tracking, and accountability from coaches and peers. In other words, the Moon’s vision board app is more like an action […]

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Ensuring Client Follow Through

By Joel T. Sanders July 24, 2018

People want strategy, but what they need is the right psychology. Multiple strategies can lead to a successful outcome, and someone with the right psychology is more likely to find one of those strategies than someone who has the wrong psychology.

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Coach-Client Success: It’s All About Momentum

By Joel T. Sanders June 1, 2017

You know this from your experience with your own clients, as well asĀ from your own life. You almost certainly have success habits or ways of engaging the world that started as small, consistent, daily actions. For me, I’ve always excelled at my physical fitness. Since the age of about 13, I’ve consistently exercised by going […]

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