How The Moon Works: Accountability Groups and Teammates

By Aaron Kennard • Posted on November 1st, 2018

This short video shows you how The Moon’s accountability Groups work: emojis on profiles, keeping up on others’ progress, and supporting accountability group members in achieving their goals.

Small Group Accountability in The Moon’s Online Membership Site Platform

Hey…it’s Aaron from Moon.Team, here to teach you really quick about the accountability groups portion of the Moon, and the latest updates we’ve made.

Here’s your action list. As you can see, at the bottom you see these people. These are your teammates. You can swipe left to right to see the rest of the people and what they’re doing.

I’m on two or three teams, and so every person on every team is showing up here. And while I can see all of them, they don’t necessarily see each other. They only see the people who on on their teams.

How this works is, the latest updates and activity are pushed to the left. So anybody who makes a new update will be pushed to the left.

When I do an update, I click click on my own profile, and I update people with one of these emojis that describes how I feel.

When I post, that’s going to show up to other people when they login. It’s going to show up on my progress feed here. It’s also going to show up to my teammates when they login. They’ll see my picture with that icon. And when they click it, they’re going to be taken to my progress page here.

Also notice how I get a check when I’ve posted in for today, right on my profile. So that tells me that I’ve checked in at least one time today.

I can still go back and check in again, and write more thoughts. But I get a check that says that I’ve posted in that day.

And then I see here to the right these other people. So let me explain what these mean.

If you see an emoji, that just means that’s how they were feeling when they checked in.

If you see this blue comment on the left, that means that there’s a recent conversation going on in that person’s progress area that you have not seen yet. When you click it, it’ll take you to their feed and you can see the comments that other people are making on their posts.

And then this comment icon here on the right simply means that person didn’t post an emoji, but they did make a progress update.

When I click it, I see that he has a comment in his in his status update. So I can like it or comment on it, whatever I decide to do.

When you see an exclamation badge, that means that this person has not checked in in a few days. So if I click it, it shows when they last posted a report.

If somebody’s been inactive for a while, you can comment and ask them to come back to update the team on their status.

If they’re subscribed to the daily emails, they’ll receive an email telling them that their teammates are sending them messages, with a link inviting them to log back in to re-engage.

As you can see, he’s gone now because I clicked a heart. I supported him and it pushed him over to the right, and he’s got a check now.

All of these avatars have checks on them because I’ve interacted with them in some way on their latest update.

These exclamations are important because that helps us stay engaged with each other. So if somebody hasn’t been checking in in a few days they’ll be brought up in the list here. And you can comment and engage with them to see how they’re doing.

So that’s the basic idea. You can scroll to the right and see who’s getting commented on and just tap on them. Read what’s happening in their lives and engage in the conversation.

So it’s not your typical up and down feed. This is kind of a side-by-side feed that lets you see the most recent updates right here.

These conversations are out of your mind for a while, until they post a new update. Or, if they don’t post an update, in three days it’ll change automatically to an exclamation and push them to the left. That way you’ll be notified to reach out and help them re-engage.

I hope that explains how the the progress area and the accountability process works, and how to engage with your team feed.

You might also want to see an example of how this works for small business owner accountability groups.

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