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Accountability Group Psychology

By Joel T. Sanders • May 9, 2019

When is everyone in an accountability group a rockstar in every area of life? At the first few meetings. But then they become human.

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Stuck on The Moon

By Joel T. Sanders • March 7, 2019

Aaron and I have been wandering in the metaphorical desert with The Moon app. In December, we stopped all new development to observe how people were interacting with the tool and incorporating it into their daily routines. In addition to our existing beta users—who have been through several iterations—we invited new coaches and end users […]

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How To Set Goals Without Being a Tyrant To Yourself

By Joel T. Sanders • December 26, 2018

The Moon provides a social setting for client goal-setting. That keeps our “inner tyrants” in check and allows us to be more objective and realistic.

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Make Your Membership Site Promise Believable

By Joel T. Sanders • December 7, 2018

Your membership site needs two things: 1) A big promise and 2) believability. That’s why your site must continue to sell after people login. Here’s how:

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How The Moon Works: Online Course Setup

By Aaron Kennard • November 13, 2018

How to set up online courses and programs using The Moon app: adding content, assigning actions to clients, dripping content, and more.

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How The Moon Works: Vision Board

By Aaron Kennard • November 9, 2018

The Moon’s Vision Board lets you declare your vision to yourself, your coach, and your community…and holds you accountable to taking action on it.

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How The Moon Works: Email Options, Help, and Signing In

By Aaron Kennard • November 5, 2018

How the Moon keeps members engaged with basic email options, finding help, and signing in if they forget their credentials.

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How The Moon Works: Accountability Groups and Teammates

By Aaron Kennard • November 1, 2018

This short video shows you how The Moon’s accountability Groups work: emojis on profiles, keeping up on others’ progress, and supporting accountability group members in achieving their goals.

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How The Moon Works: Messaging Improvements

By Aaron Kennard • October 29, 2018

Just a quick update today: We’ve made messages better: no more duplicates, faster response, and more.

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How The Moon Works: Online Courses & Programs Overview

By Aaron Kennard • October 25, 2018

In this 3-minute video, learn how clients join a coach’s online courses and programs, how programs can assign actions to client action lists, and how to navigate and complete programs.

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