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The Moon™ is a new membership site platform from former Instant Teleseminar CEO Joel Sanders and best-selling author Aaron Kennard. Our mission is to empower course creators, coaches, authors, and other influencers to build online communities of high-achievers who take consistent, daily action towards their goals.

The Moon's Mission

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Successful membership platforms don't just get members to consume knowledge, they get members to implement knowledge.

We created The Moon platform to help people implement what they learn from online courses and coaching programs. Specifically, we want to assist course creators, coaches, authors, mastermind groups, and others create and grow online communities where the members are held accountable to taking consistent action.

Our Vision

Help membership site creators 10x client results by making course content more actionable, connecting members in accountability groups, helping members declare goals publicly, and reporting progress in a caring, connected community of peers.

We're a Different Kind of Company

Other membership platforms are built primarily for marketing. They place an emphasis on funnels, leads, and conversions, and almost no emphasis on helping members succeed.

The Moon platform is structured to increase the success rates of the platform's members. The more success members achieve, the more enthusiastic they become about the community. Successful people talk about their success, and that means more retention, referrals, and success for site owners.

In other words, you don't have to be a master marketer if you master getting people to implement what they learn.

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The Team Behind The Moon

Joel Sanders
Joel Sanders Co-Founder

Joel is a tech entrepreneur who has served thousands of coaches, speakers, and authors for years with tools to connect them with large audiences through teleseminars. With The Moon app he is taking his expertise and knowledge to the next level, helping coaches now provide not only high scale connection, but high touch also. He has a deep desire to help coaches and teachers be more effective at helping those they teach get momentum and amazing results in their lives.

Aaron Kennard
Aaron Kennard Co-Founder

Aaron is a life coach and #1 Best-selling author of 'The Positive Thinking Secret'. The creation of The Moon app in partnership with Joel Sanders springs out of years of dreaming of a better way to help people take consistent, positive action in their life. He teaches 12 habits of a Truly Amazing Life and was unable to find a good way to help people get the accountability and meaningful connection they needed to succeed. So he's creating it with Joel.