A Stronger, Smarter, More Committed YouThe Moon is a small group accountability tool that keeps your goals on-track

People take their commitments more seriously when they know that others are watching. The Moon™ is a platform for tracking commitments in a small group, which makes follow-through more likely.

Our mission is to empower course creators, coaches, and employers to build online communities of high-achievers who take consistent, daily action towards their goals. Find out more About Us, or get an email when we launch.

"Simple can be harder than complex; you have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple.” - Steve Jobs

What We Are Building

A Moon platform is a space for coaches and online course creators to help their clients plan and track their personal or professional development.

The Moon will help platform owners to:

  • Deliver online courses with video, audio, and action lists
  • Create small groups for masterminds and high-value group coaching
  • View client goals and digital vision boards
  • Add a branded app logo to your clients' mobile phone home screens
  • Track progress with system alerts for achievements and warnings


screenshots of courses, commitments, alerts, and community

Ready-To-Go Membership Sites

Instead of hiring expensive developers or trying to build your own custom site, get courses, a community, and accountability in one easy-to-use tool.

  • Simple online courses without overwhelm
  • Individualized client commitment lists—let's get specific!
  • Track run streaks, missed commitments, & more—keep everyone accountable
  • Alerts to stay on top of your conversations
  • Distraction-free community conversation—no more Facebook Ads

screenshot of client action list

Get Clients Taking Massive Action and Building New Habits

The best client retention strategy is delivering results...and clients who take action get results.

  • Individualized client commitment lists
  • Build and track new habits
  • Automatically assign action plans from courses
  • Earn stars for hitting run streak targets

screenshot of client action list

The Easiest Course-Builder

Easily build courses in minutes. Upload videos, or use your existing videos from YouTube or Vimeo.

  • Track which courses are incomplete, complete, or in-progress
  • Assign action lists and habits directly from courses
  • Autostart a course for new members
  • Work on courses individually or in groups
  • Allow access to courses based on subscription level

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The Moon provides a social setting for client goal-setting. That keeps our “inner tyrants” in check and allows us to be more objective and realistic.

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